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Clicking the two images to the left loads animated GIF sequences. The images that went these were shot with a new Nikon D2H digital SLR with an 80-200 mm f/2.8 lens at 155 mm. The animation was shot at 8 frames/sec and runs in real time once it loads. Be patient, the animation is 1.2 Mbytes! The sequence linked to the image below is 40 frames, which is the limit of what the camera will record. This is a very large animation so be patient!




Additional St Joseph Galleries:


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Storms Gallery

Storm Animation Gallery 1

Storm Animation Gallery 2

February 2003 Lighthouse Digest Cover Image and Animation - Gallery 3

South Haven - Mother's Day Gale Animation - Gallery 4

St. Joe - Memorial Day Gale - Gallery 5

St. Joe - November Gales - Gallery 6

South Haven Early December Gale - Gallery 7

St Joseph, Spring '04 Storm - Gallery 8



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