St Joseph -

On Michigan's

"Stormy Coast"

Many communities along the Lake Huron shore in eastern Michigan proudly proclaim themselves to be on Michigan's "Sunrise Side" and justifiably so; the sunrises over Lake Huron can be spectacular.

Depending on the time of year, however, the other side of the state that I live in could either be labeled as "The Sunset Coast" or alternatively in the late fall and early spring, as "Michigan's Stormy Coast!" The latter I've chosen to illustrate in this gallery with some of my favorite storm images shot from Tiscornia Park at St Joseph over the past few years...

...and this is as spectacular as lighthousing gets!

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Many of these images are available from Waterfront Framing and Fine Art in St Joseph, Artworks in South Haven, MarineTech in Grand Haven, or directly from this site.

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