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On a recent trip to St Joseph to photograph during a gale that swept down the length of Lake Michigan from the NNW there were some spectacular waves driven by the high sustained winds. This gallery is under construction and some animated GIF sequences are coming soon that highlight the power and ferocity of the waves that day! I hope you'll enjoy this gallery both as it is being built and when finished...


Restless Lake Animation






Click any of the images above for a larger presentation.


Click the image for a 7 frame storm animation of a big wave breaking over the outer light and the billowing cloud of spray being blow sideways by the fierce winds. The animation is ~817 Kb and will take some time to load if you're on a dialup connection to the internet so please be patient!


If you're visiting the Lake Michigan shore, you can view these images and other pieces of my work at:

Waterfront Framing & Fine Art, 606-B Ship Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085

(269) 982-3470

www.waterfrontframeandart.com or click Here

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Storms Gallery

Storm Animation Gallery 1

Storm Animation Gallery 2

Feb '03 LH Digest Cover Storm Animation Gallery 3

St. Joe - Memorial Day Gale - Gallery 5




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