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You'll notice that the images of this animated sequence are not in perfect register. These were crop registered to improve it somewhat -- it gives you some idea of the buffeting force of the winds. The registration was significantly worse before I crop registered the images!



Mother's Day Gale!

A huge storm system swept across Lake Michigan last weekend. Sustained winds were in the 30-40 mph range and gusts were, based on my experience, up in the 50-60 mph range at least.

The horizontal rain pelting me while I was out shooting was quite forceful and very audible when it was pounding the hood of my squall jacket.

This animated GIF sequence is 7 frames and about 475 Kbytes so it will take some time to load if you're on a dial-up connection. The GIF will cycle repeatedly in a new window. When you're done, just click back on that window to return here.





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