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Although Maine doesn't have the most lights of any US state, there are 62 and many are fascinating photographic subjects. Many are readily accessible... others you really have to work to get to see them, and/or you need to have access to VERY long telephoto lenses!

Click any of the buttons below to be taken to galleries of photographs of that specific lighthouse; within any gallery, click the photos for a larger version.


Baker Island Light
Bass Harbor Head Light
Bear Island Light
Blue Hill Bay Light
Browns Head
Burnt Coat Harbor Light
Curtis Island Light
Deer Island Thoroughfare
Dice Head Light
Eagle Island Light
Fort Point Light
Franklin Island Light
Goat Island Light
Goose Rocks Light
Great Duck Island Light
Grindell Point Light
Heron Neck Light
Indian Island Light
Isle au Haut Light
Ladie's Delight Light
Libby Island(s) Light
Little River Light
Lubec Channel
Manticus Rock Light
Monhegan Island Light
Moose Peak Light
Moun Desert Island Light
Narraguagus Light
Nash Island Light
Petit Manan Light

Prospect Harbor Light
Pumpkin Island Light
Rockland Harbor Southwest
Saddleback Ledge Light
Spring Point Ledge Light
Tenants Harbor Light
Two Bush Island Light
West Quoddy Head Light
Whitehead Light
Whitlocks Mill Light
Winter Harbor Light
Wood Island Light

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All images are Copyrighted by Gary Martin, 1996-2008. No images can be downloaded or used for any purpose without premission in writing from the copyright holder.