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Coastal Beacons

Gary Martin Photography


Ordering Photographic Prints ~ From 5x7 to 30x50!

A 30 x 40 framed print hung for a gallery show is shown.

Any of the photos on these web page galleries are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and formats and can be ordered using PayPal. Selecting a photograph to have matted and framed is a personal choice, one that is facilitated by a dialog. I would encourage anyone interested in obtaining a print of any of the photos on this website to contact me using the e-mail link so that we can explore what would best suit your needs.

Contact Me

Images on this website were sized, and in many cases cropped, for convenience of display. Some, but not all, are available in dimenions other than those shown on the website, although any print can be prepared exactly to the proportion shown here on the website. Please mention your preferences when you contact me to order a print. Sizes other than those listed below, for example square prints, are also possible and I' m happy to work with clients to the extent that I can. Prints up to 8x10 can be shipped flat. I've learned from experience, and the occasional disappointed client for whom I've had to file an insurance claim and prepare a new print, that handling during mailing isn't always kind to larger flat photographs. It is much safer and cheaper to mail larger prints rolled in a mailing tube.

Print Size
Digital Print
Kodak Professional
Archival Print
$ 24
$ 35
4x12 panoramic
10x30 & 13x30
prices effective June 1,2007

Shipping and handling on prints up to 16x20 rolled in a mailing tube is $7 for up to 3 prints shipped at the same time. Smaller prints that can be shipped flat sandwiched between cardboard are $5 for shipping for up to 5 prints. Contact me for shipping and handling charges for larger prints or prints matted/framed and shipped flat.


The Print Process

Photographic prints start with either a film or digital camera. For the low light photography that I enjoy doing, I've found that film much better suits my style of photography than does a digital camera. I should add that all of the colors you see in the photographs on the gallery pages on this site are what was actually recorded on the film. No filters or computer manipulation are used in my photography. In some cases, reciprocity failure occurs during very long exposures affording me with some of the very dramatic colors of some of the images, but it is important to note that this is an integral part of the photographic process, not the result of computer manipulation of the scanned, digital file. I typically scan my slides at very high resolution (4,000 dots/inch or dpi), which allows me to prepare prints from the digital file that results from scanning, which is color matched to the original slide. No computer enhancement of color is used in my photography, nor are color enhancing filters employed. The only filters that I use are circular polarizers and neutral density filters. The latter simply retard light levels to allow exposure adjustments, they don't do a thing to alter the color recorded. The vivid, highly saturated colors that you see in my images are the result of 30 years of effort to understand the exposure characteristics of the limited range of professional slide films that I shoot.

Epson 4000 Prints

Once the color matched, scanned digital file is in hand, one of the choices that I use to prepare prints is an Epson 4000 printer that uses 8 color archival, Ultrachrome pigment inks (to 17x22 cut sheets). Using roll media, panoramic prints to 17x44 are possible! The Epson 4000 archival prints are completely comparable to prints done in a professional photographic laboratory. Properly matted and framed for display, these prints have a lifetime that directly rivals prints made using archival photographic processes (~60-70 years), and which far exceeds conventional photographic prints prepared on non-archival media from regular photo processing outlets (typically only 5-7 years before fading noticeably!).

Archival Prints

My archival prints are also made from digital files that are professionally printed on Fuji or Kodak Professional Archival photographic paper. Prints up to 10x15 are printed on a Fuji Frontier printer on Fuji Archival photographic paper using traditional wet chemistry processing. Larger prints, up to 30x50 inches are done on a Chromera printer that uses a color LED printing system to expose Kodak Professional Archival photographic paper and again a conventional wet chemistry process to produce the print. My large format prints are not injet prints!

Print Durability

Both of the print production processes that I use yield highly durable prints. Any color photographic print will eventually be affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and atmospheric contaminants so they should be matted and framed using UV protective glass and archival acid-free, professional mounting materials to help preserve them, and hung out of direct sunlight. All of the prints offered for sale on my webpages as matted prints are prepared using acid-free mounting materials. The link below will take you to the pages on which a selection of 6x9 matted prints or other prints are offered for sale.

6x9 single matted prints - click HERE

Matted and signed 6x9 prints and double matted, signed, and numbered 7x12 prints of "Maelstrom" - click HERE

Double matted, signed, and numbered prints of "September Storm" - click HERE

Any of my prints can be ordered via check or using PayPal. I have a certified PayPal account and my prints now hang in offices and homes all over the United States and a number of other countries as well!


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All images are Copyrighted by Gary Martin, 1996-2007. No images can be downloaded or used for any purpose without premission in writing from the copyright holder.