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This sequence of six frames is about 550 Kb and will take a little time to download. Please be patient, I think you'll rnjoy seeing the sequence when it loads. The animated sequence of this trumpeter swan taking off will load in a new window and will cycle until you exit the window.


Animated GIF Takeoff Sequences

Unlike lighthouse shots where you can fix the position of the camera and lens as the wave breaks over the light, with a bird taking off, you have to pan the lens with the movement of the bird unless the bird is coming straight at you, which adds even bigger challenges!


Animated GIF Storm Sequences

Consequently, these animations are a little different than my storm animated sequences that you can access by the following links.

Storm Animations - click HERE

Storm Animations2 - click HERE

Storm Animations3 - click HERE


This sequence of seven frames is about 430 Kb. The bird caught me napping so the start of the sequence isn't as smooth as some of the others. In the last frame of the sequence, this birds mate begins to come into view from behind on the left.



This sequence of eleven frames is about 1.20 Mb. It will take a while to load for folks not on a high speed conncection of some type.

Technical Info: The images in these sequences were shot using a NIkkor 500 mm f4 AF-S lens with a Nikon F5 camera body loaded with Provia 400F professional slide film. The camera was advancing film at 4 frames/sec. The animation is set up to run in the equivalent of real time. The lens was mounted on a Bogen 3421 long lens support atop a Bogen 3221 tripod.

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All images are Copyrighted by Gary Martin, 1996-2003. No images can be downloaded or used for any purpose without premission in writing from the copyright holder.