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East Point lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Maurice River where it empties into the Delaware River. The lighthouse was built and became operational in September, 1849. The last keeper was Linwood Spicer who took charge of the lighthouse in December, 1905. He was transferred to Christiana lighthouse in Wilmington when the light was automated. Following his term of service, custodians maintained the light, living at the lighthouse rent-free. The last custodian was Gus Eulitz. The lighthouse was blacked out during World War II and was decomissioned in 1941. In 1955, the State of New Jersey took ownership of the lighthouse, which deteriorated over the years that followed. The Maurice River Historical Society was founded in February, 1971 with the mission of preserving the lighthouse. Before negotiations between the Society and the State of New Jersey were completed, the lighthouse was set afire in July, 1971, destroying the roof, lantern room, and most of the interior. In the years since, efforts by the Society with funding from the Federal Transportation Enhancement Act and the New Jersey Historic Trust, the roof and lantern room have been replaced, shutters have been hung, and the lighthouse is now weather tight and restoration has begun on the interior.



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