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The photo mosaics in this gallery are compiled from some of the thousands of lighthouse images in my collection. The Fresnel lens mosaic has photos of lenses from several continents, while the Big Red and St Joe Sunset mosaics are focused on a single lighthouse along Michigan's west coast. The wave mosaics were shot during several storms at St Joe and South Haven over several years.

The New NJ Lights mosaic (lower right image below), Fresnel lens mosaic (2nd row center), and St Joseph Two Seconds in Time mosaic (3rd row left) are all available as a matted 8x10 print. Click the images below or the links above for a larger view and details!  A print of the Delaware Bay Lighthouse mosaic is coming soon!

More mosaics will be added as I complete them. Please visit this gallery page again!

Click any of the images below for a larger view.


Big Red, Holland, MI

Fresnel lenses

St. Joe, MI sunsets


New Jersey Lighthouse mosaic


Cape Canaveral lens mosaic

Ponce de Leon Inlet, FL


St. Joe, MI sunsets


"Two Seconds in Time" - St Joe, MI


"October's Fury" - South Haven, MI


"November Storm" - South Haven, MI


New Jersey Lighthouse mosaic


Delaware Bay Lighthouse mosaic


Ohio Lighthouse mosaic

Statue of Liberty Mosaic VI

NJ Off Shore Lighthouses mosaic



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All images are Copyrighted by Gary Martin Photography, 1996-2008. No images can be downloaded or used for any purpose without premission in writing from the copyright holder.